One Client at a Time,
We are Changing How Waste and Recycling is Managed

GMR Offers a New Philosophy for an Old Industry

We are an operational partner to manufacturing and industrial facilities.

Our sole focus is to help industrial facilities improve financial performance by actively managing their waste and recycling supply chain utilizing our wholly owned transportation, equipment and gMRF processing assets.

GMR minimizes waste and disposal costs, maximizes value for recyclable commodities, and implements operational efficiencies, resulting in improved overall economics for its clients.

  • CONSOLIDATIONOpen or Close

    GMR shifts industrial facilities from multiple service providers to one; reducing facility liability, increasing response times and improving financial value. GMR is a strategic operational partner of our customers.

  • TRANSPARENCYOpen or Close

    GMR offers our contracted customers transparent and auditable commodity handling practices including: certified chain of custody, responsible downstream supply chain management and commodity market value visibility.


    GMR’s analytics engine compares customer activity to pre-defined benchmarks to make certain that haul frequency and commodity recovery are maximized.  Quarterly business reviews ensure optimization of transportation, containment equipment and material handling services.


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